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Sylvania Graphics Incorporated (SGI) is an award-winning agency that has maintained a reputation, since formation in 1986, as a trusted advocate for building and promoting the brands of our national, regional, and local clients.

We study each client's business, and its competition, and consult with you to determine the correct message to be conveyed. We work with each client to establish the optimum means to communicate that message to your existing and prospective customers.

“Exceeding Customer Expectations” since 1986.


SGI offers a custom-tailored, strategic approach to ensure our client’s successful outcome. Our services range from brand logos and promotional materials to multi-level national advertising campaigns. We partner with our clients in a wide variety of industries and provide active and collaborative support and immediate access throughout all phases of the creative process. No matter how large or small the project, Sylvania Graphics is here to assist you in your creative and comprehensive marketing needs!

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Our values are both our identity and our promise! Our commitment to our clients is deeply engrained in our company's mission and culture. We put our client's best interests first in order to guarantee an innovative, effective, integrated, and superior service. We get to know your business and maintain a collaborative relationship so we can deliver the best marketing solutions possible. Our goal is to establish long-term professional relationships with our clients. Our dedicated and detail oriented team strives to create a supportive environment for every one of our clients, regardless of the size or the scope of the project.

We are ready to go the extra mile. We’re passionate about what we do!


As a trusted leader in the community, Sylvania Graphics Incorporated was founded on values that are aligned with giving back to the community that has supported our business over the past three decades.

SGI has been involved with numerous outreach projects and has partnered with a variety of non-profit organizations over the years. SGI team members have donated thousands of hours of marketing services, complimentary consulting, brand strategizing, social media management, and on-site event services benefiting women in business, youth leadership, education, performing arts, local food pantries and shelters, just to name a few.



Suzanne G. Sobel-Poage


President, Chairman

Chief Executive Officer

Suzanne G. Sobel-Poage has more than 40 years of experience, as a counselor, facilitator, entrepreneur, motivator and mentor, supporting, guiding and coaching individuals and organizations to realize their potential, fulfill ambitions and drive performance. She brings a wealth of extensive business experience to brand building as well as individual and entrepreneurial development. Suzanne says, “My success has occurred as a result of being consistent and persistent and responsible in following through when I give my word and finishing what I start.”

Early in her career, Suzanne was a Certified Personnel Consultant. In that capacity, she found that one of her greatest frustrations came from presenting qualified women candidates to companies and suddenly having the job opportunities disappear. Those experiences prompted her to volunteer in community and professional organizations to promote continual improvements in opportunities for women in business and professional environments.

As a result, Suzanne was a Regional Vice President, and a National Representative, for the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, focusing on creating work environments that are inclusive and value the skills and contributions of working women. Through the efforts of many dedicated contributors, including Suzanne, the BPW Foundation has helped to empower women to achieve their full individual potential and, convening with employers and employees, has helped to build successful workplaces, redefined as environments that embrace and practice diversity, equity and work-life balance.

It was Suzanne’s commitment to women’s individual and entrepreneurial development that precipitated her founding Sylvania Graphics Incorporated. Since its formation in 1986, the company has been primarily comprised of women and continues to maintain its reputation as a trusted advocate in building and promoting clients’ brands. Suzanne and her staff offer customer-tailored designs, programs, and services, ranging from simple logos and promotional materials to multi-level advertising campaigns. SGI was founded, and continues to focus, on establishing long-term, professional relationships with all of its clients and is committed to creating close, supporting alliances, regardless of the project size or scope.

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Sarah Sobel-Poage


Chief Operations Officer


David A. Poage


Chief Financial Officer

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Christopher A. McAnall


Chief Information Officer

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